We see art as an unifying medium that is able to bridge distances, show diversity and thus offer new perspectives. Therefore, our focus with the Festival lies on the creation of art in Palestine and by Palestinians, as a topic that is often not perceived and has to step back behind controversial issues.

The aim of Palestine Arts is to bring Palestinian art and topics closer to the Swiss audience. We seek to offer Palestinian cultural artists a platform for their work. 

We are a committed young team that has come together through a common interest in Palestinian history and culture. As an independent working group under the umbrella of the Gesellschaft Schweiz Palästina, we want to strengthen the mediation of art from Israel/Palestine in Zurich. Human rights, peace and democracy are central in this pursuit.

The first edition of the Palestine Arts Film Festival "Hummus and Popcorn" took place in September 2019. Right after the festival we were nominated with other exciting projects for the youngCaritas Award. The year 2019 was a great success and as new film gems are constantly being created the festival will enter its second edition in 2020.

The Palestine Arts Crew

Ahmed, Anna, Geri, Janina, Lara, Martina