Palestine. What do we think of? Films are rarely the answer. This is where we come in and have been bringing Palestinian film gems to Zurich screens since 2019. The film festival «Hummus und Popcorn» is the only Palestinian film festival in German-speaking Switzerland. Our goal is not only to convey art in the form of film, but also to break down stereotypes and common perceptions, as well as to strengthen the Palestinian diaspora.


We are a committed and young team that came together through a common interest in Palestinian history and culture. As an independent and solidary working group under the umbrella of the Society Switzerland Palestine we want to strengthen the mediation of art from Israel/Palestine in Zurich as allies. Human rights, peace and democracy are our main focus.
We are aware that it needs an explanation why a core team of non-Palestinian people is organizing a Palestine film festival. We see it as our responsibility to make Palestinian voices heard in Switzerland and to make their art better known. We want to create a platform for Palestinian voices to play and where they determine the discourse. This is the only way to break down existing stereotypes that we are guilty of. We are open to criticism, listen and grow in our implementation - allyship is our goal.


We see art as a unifying theme that can bridge distances, show diversity and thus offer new perspectives. Therefore, our focus is on the creation of art in Palestine and by Palestinians, as a topic that is often not perceived and has to take a back seat to explosive issues. The goal of Palestine Arts is to bring Palestinian art and issues closer to a Swiss audience. This is done in the form of films and discussions. Especially the latter has a high value, after all screenings there are Q&A's, where the audience and the cultural workers can enter into a personal exchange. The first edition of «Hummus und Popcorn» took place in September 2019 at Kosmos. Right after the festival, we were nominated for the youngCaritas Award with other exciting projects. So it happened that in August 2020 the second film festival took place at the Arthouse Uto in Zurich. Despite the Covid 19 measures, the second edition was also a great success. In 2021 the third edition took place: We had more Palestinian artists, actors and cultural workers in Zurich than ever before. The response from all sides motivates us to continue to develop and expand the festival sustainably and continuously.
So in 2023 we had the chance to fill the cinemas completely again.

Stay tuned for what's coming next!

The Palestine Arts Crew
Anna, Lara, Clara, Zora & Co.