Short Movies 1

Friday 28th August - 4 pm

Ten Bell Dolls | Eli Rezik | Drama | Israel, Palestine 2017 | 25’ | Arabic with English subtitles
With only 10-year-old, Elias must face the bitterness of life while dealing with his troubled grandmother and people around him trying to separate them.

Corona Movies | Majdi El-Omari, Maha Haj, Dima Abu Ghosh, Mohamed Harb, Muayad Alayan| Drama | Palestine 2020 | 25’ | Arabic with English subtitles
The Corona crisis is still going, and a new reality is dawning on the horizon. While we wait for the unknown, the mind opens up for perspectives on the present, past and the future. Various Palestinian artists and directors captured their lockdown time on film. These voices from Palestine reflect on personal individual moments, but at the same time they also express a more universal feeling.

I signed the Petition | Mahdi Fleifel | Documentary | UK, Germany, Switzerland 2018 | 10’ | English with English subtitles
Immediately after a Palestinian has signed an online petition, he panics and doubts the rightness of his action. In the course of a telephone conversation with an understanding friend, he analyses the meaning of his choice to support the cultural boycott of Israel.

The Crossing | Ameen Nayfeh | Drama | Palestine 2017 | 11’ | Arabic with English subtitles

Shady and his sister Mariam are looking forward to visiting their sick grandfather on the other side of the wall.

  • Ten Bell Dolls – Elias und seine Grossmutter
  • I signed the Petition
  • Corona Movie von Muayad Alayan: While we waited for you