Short Movies 2

Saturday,  28th August – 17.00

Son Of The Streets | Mohammed Almughanni | Documentary | Palestine, Lebanon, Poland 2020 | 34' | Arabic with German subtitles
A portrait of a 13-year-old Palestinian growing up in a refugee camp in Lebanon.

Children And The Wolf | Omar Jabareen | Drama, Musical | Palestine 2020 | 11' | Arabic with English subtitles
A boy is robbed of his innocence when he realizes that his role model is being swallowed up by a tragedy. Now he must decide whether to face the problem or bow to social realities.

White Elephant | Shuruq Harb | Fiction | Palestine 2020 | 12' | Arabic and English with English subtitles

A montage of scenes from the perspective of a Palestinian teenager during the first Intifada in the 1990s – mirrored in Israeli pop culture.

Roof Knocking | Sina Salimi, Lucas Abrahão | Drama | Estland 2017 | 12' | Arabic with English subtitles

An Israeli soldier informs a Palestinian family of the impending bombing. The family has 10 minutes to leave their home.

  • White Elephant
    White Elephant
  • Son Of The Streets
    Son Of The Streets
  • Children And The Wolf
    Children And The Wolf
  • Roof Knocking
    Roof Knocking