Short Movies 3

Sunday,  30th August - 2 pm

Give up the Ghost | Zain Duraie | Drama | Jordan, Germany, Sweden 2019 | 15' | Arabic with English subtitles
A lifetime of convictions and beliefs are put to the test as Salam finds out that she is unable to have children with her husband. She must make a choice.

Strange Cities are familiar |  Saeed Taji Farouky | Drama | 2018 | 20' | Arabic, English with English subtitles
A film about memories, feelings of guilt and resilience. Ashraf lives in Great Britain and struggles with memories that haunt him, with promises he could not keep and with a family he could not protect.

Five Boys and a Wheel | Said Zagha | Drama, Comedy | Jordan, Palestine 2019 | 19' | Arabic with English subtitles

Sameh, a young father and teacher, tries to settle a petty dispute between his son and a group of boys. The respective families gather, and the discussion gets out of control. An adaptation of Raymond Carvers short story: Bicycles, Muscles, Cigarettes.

Blacklisted | Mohammed Almughanni | Drama | Poland, Palestine 2020 | 24' | Arabic, Hebrew with English subtitles

A young Palestinian is interrogated for crossing the border while his true intentions remain hidden.

Surrah | Faris Saleh | Drama | Palestine 2020 | 13' | Arabic with English subtitles
A sentence that turns a Palestinian young man life to a darker future and reality, in the time of pandemic and the

  • Surrah
  • Five Boys and a Wheel
    Five Boys and a Wheel
  • Blacklisted
  • Give up the Ghost
    Give up the Ghost
  • Strange Cities are familiar
    Strange Cities are familiar