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Saturday, 4th March - 4.30 pm

  • Moonscape
  • The Jump
    The Jump
  • Bethlehem 2001
    Bethlehem 2001
Ave Maria
The quiet routine of five nuns living in the desert of Palestine is disrupted when an Israeli settler family's car breaks down just outside the convent, just as the Sabbath starts.

Basil Khalil | Comedy | Palestine 2015 | 15’ | Arabic with English subtitles

Bethlehem 2001

A young Palestinian wanders between his current reflections and his childhood memories of the military invasion and siege of Bethlehem. He tries to understand how his parents could lead him through those difficult times, hoping that would help him cope with the present time.

Ibrahim Handal | Drama | Palestine 2020 | 15’ | Arabic with English subtitles

The Jump

Shuruq Harb’s "The Jump" is set within the tectonic rift of the Jordan Valley and explores the psychological terrains of leaping into the void. The film is narrated by a robotic voice that guides us through dizzying shots of the landscape, while speculating about the conditions surrounding a Palestinian man's jump into the Mediterranean.

Shuruq Harb | Experimental | Palestine 2021 | 10’

A Palestinian man placed in solitary confinement in an Israeli prison struggles physically as well as psychologically. Following a number of days, a cockroach enters his cell and becomes his only source of solace.

Akram Alwaara | Fiction | Palestine 2020 | 14’ | Arabic with English subtitles


Moonscape is a short film which takes the form of a music video for a ballad, performed as a duet between a male and female singer, in Arabic. The song traces the story of a man called Dennis M. Hope, who claimed ownership of the Moon in 1980 and thus founded the Lunar Embassy.

Mona Benyamin | Fiction | Palestine 2020 | 17’ | Arabic with English subtitles

Siri Miri
Sick of their routine-run life, two millennials turn to the help of Siri in order to spice up their monotonous life, only to find out that Siri is oblivious to the unique situation they live in.

Luay Awwad | Comedy | Palestine 2020 | 6’ | Arabic with English subtitles

After the film screening, a Q&A will take place in the cinema.